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  Sunshine Television Network Promo - 1992.
* Producer/Director/Editor "Love You Queensland": Alun Humphreys ( Network Promotions Director for Sunshine Televsion Network).
* 120 second version.
* Made at the Maroochydore Sunshine TV Studios (Sunshine Coast)
* Singer: Kim Durant from Brisbane (who also appeared in other Channel 7
promos - "Love you Brisbane" versions and vocals for "Love you Perth").
* "Love you Queensland" was produced for the launch of the Sunshine Television Network in the summer of 1992.
* Trivia : The production was shot on location at the Sunshine Coast in one day.
It took 24 hours to edit 3 versions 1 x 2.00min, 1 x 60 sec, 1 x 30 sec.
"Love you Queensland" went to air for the next 3 years due to it's popularity by viewers.


"C'mon Aussie C'mon" is an Australian Cricket anthem.

Originally performed by the Mojo Singers in 1978 as an advertising jingle to promote World Series Cricket's unofficial Australian cricket team, the song eulogised players such as Dennis Lillee, the Chappell brothers Ian and Greg and Rod Marsh. It ended with the refrain, "C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon" sung again and again. The song was part of an advertising campaign devised by the Mojo agency for the Channel Nine network, which televised WSC cricket.

Released as a single, it was a smash hit and was played at the WSC games and even sung by crowds at the official Test matches.

Each season the lyrics changed to announce who would be the Australian cricket team's opponents that summer and to highlight the latest stars of the team.

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The Twelfth Man (also known as The 12th Man) is the name for a series of comedy productions by Australian satirist Billy Birmingham. Birmingham, a skilled impersonator, is generally known for parodying Australian sports commentators' voices. As befits the name (a reference to the non-playing reserve in an eleven-player cricket side), Birmingham particularly focuses on cricket commentators such as Richie Benaud, Bill Lawry and Tony Greig. This is also because many of Australia's cricket commentators have distinctive and easily-identifiable voices and accents.

The parodies, released periodically on CD, are designed as a comical look "behind the scenes" of the Nine Network's cricket commentary. Birmingham traditionally plays all the roles (with the exception of Ken Sutcliffe and some minor female characters, such as Richie Benaud's secretary). Benaud himself sends a critique of each CD to Birmingham and is known to have a mixed opinion of the recordings, due predominantly to Birmingham's use of profanity. All albums were produced and engineered by David Frogatt.


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